TeamLinkt Free Website Option

Create & Manage a Free Website from the TeamLinkt Dashoard

TeamLinkt’s free website option is the easiest way to manage a basic website. We auto-generate a basic website with every account that is created. This is a free option that requires no knowledge of creating or managing a website.

Basic Editor

Easily create new pages, update existing content, post news articles and more. This does not include changing the layout of the pages. 


TeamLinkt Integrations

Your organization’s registration, standings, schedules, scores and stats are directly integrated to your custom website.

Mobile Responsive

All websites are built to be responsive across all devices. 

Custom Domain

Easily point your website to an existing custom domain, or purchase a new one.

Help Articles

You will have access to a library of help articles to help manage your website. 

Social Media

Showcase your organization’s facebook, instagram or twitter feeds on your website. 

Standard Template

teamlinkt free website standard

All-Star Template

teamlinkt app all-star

Champion Template

teamlinkt champion

MVP Template

teamlinkt mvp template

Pricing = Free!

TeamLinkt’s basic website option is free to use. If you want to connect a custom domain, this will be an additional charge. We do not purchase or host domains for organizations.

"Working with TeamLinkt has been a game changer. It provides our clubs an easy & efficient way to communicate."

– Aaron D, Executive Director, Sask Volleyball

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